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BIM For Asset ManagementBIM For Owner

This course is designed to introduces BIM, Asset Management, the role of BIM in Asset Management and the planned 'Enhancing Asset Management through BIM' Applications. The core objective of the strategy is to maximise whole life value and minimise whole life costs and risks.This course is designed for Senior Management, Management team (Owners, Builders and Developers). There are significant opportunities available now to building owners to strategically leverage BIM technology to their advantage long before they need to invest in BIM software or develop BIM expertise internally or with external BIM Consultants.

When buildings are modelled in BIM instead of drawn in CAD, the 3D visualization (perspectives, walk-throughs, and photorealistic renderings) are a by-product of the modeling process. For very little additional effort, your design teams will be able to generate detailed visualizations from the model that can be used to communicate with stakeholders, lenders, tenants, and other parties. In the CAD era, this type of visualization was an extra, costly, and often cost-prohibitive step. Simply requiring design teams to generate all contract deliverables from BIM applications instead of CAD applications will produce this benefit.

The course will help to understand BIM Project Lifecycle. Attendees will learn how BIM is implemented thru Conceptual, Design Construction and As-Built stage and the benefits that can be achieved with BIM Implementation. BIM can increase profit margins by reducing waste and improving accuracy will give you the skills and knowledge to implement and undertake construction projects with formidable BIM implementation.

Course Outline

One Day Course
BIM Technology
  • Introduction to BIM
  • Understanding BIM Workflows, roles thought Conceptual, Design, Construction, Handover stage.
  • BIM Software Usage
BIM Usage For
  • Understanding BIM Workflows, roles thought Conceptual, Design, Construction
  • Stakeholder Benefits
  • BIM for Project Planning & Status Monitoring (4D), Reporting
    • Change Management
    • Logistic Planning
  • Estimation & Costing (5D)
  • Site Fit outs
  • As-Built
  • Commissioning and Handover.


  • Working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems
  • Knowledge and experience in building and construction project is an extra advantage
  • Basic knowledge of BIM tools and concept. BIM Fundamental Concept and Theory

Overview & Understanding Of
  • BIM Contracts, Costs-Fees
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Measure / KPI
  • BIM Maturity
  • BIM Usage Onsite
  • Standards, Methods and Procedures
  • BIM Collaboration - Information Management (Cloud Platform)
  • BIM Coordination
  • BIM and Managing Data

BIM For Asset Management
BIM For Facilities Management
BM Benefits

Studying industry oriented projects through examples and case studies.


Who Should Attend

  • Senior Management, Management team (Owners, Builders and Developers).

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