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BIM For Manufacturers

This course is designed for experienced 3D Modellers (Architectural, Structural and MEP ) as well as for BIM Coordinators. These BIM Objects/ Families/ Assemblies are intelligent and parametric one that reduces considerable modelling efforts during project Modelling.

The BIM Object made as a single model can represent multiple product types, sizes and configurations listed in the product catalogues of various companies. As an example, a door, which comes in various sizes and materials can be represented by a single parametric BIM family model. This model can dynamically transform and adapt to every available type and size of a particular design configuration. Our BIM for Product Manufacturers Training, from our BIM ready course range, is the perfect course if you want to start or grow your Building Information Modelling know how.

This course is also extremely useful for product manufacturers who need to create BIM models and components for the architectural and construction industry. You will get a thorough understanding of the BIM process and what level of information is required in developing BIM Objects for projects. You will also learn to how BIM projects delivered and how product information gets used for asset management post project handover digitally.

Course Outline

Two Days Course
BIM Technology

  • BIM Software Usage
  • BIM Object Introduction
  • Revit Families/ Assemblies Intro.
  • LOD Based Object Development
Libraries to be developed Architecture*
  • Readymade / Branded Windows
  • Doors & Door Handles & Accessories
  • Furniture Systems Lighting
  • Different types of walls
  • Fixtures Plumbing Fixtures Specialty Equipment Walls Windows
  • Timber / Precast Elements
  • Different Kind of Trusses
Plumbing Fixtures*
  • Humidifiers , Air Diffusion
  • Fans Inline Equipment
  • Fire Hydrants Manifold Valve Sets
  • Pumps Valves
  • Pressurisation Units


  • A basic understanding of the principles of BIM and some exposure to 3D modelling is desirable.
  • Basic knowledge of BIM tools and concept. BIM Fundamental Concept and Theory
  • Preferably completed Architectural, Structural, MEP BIM Course
  • Studying industry oriented projects through examples and case studies.
  • Boilers, Chilled Beams, Air Handling Units, Calorifier, Heat Exchangers, Heater, Cooling Towers De-Aerators Dispersion Tube, Exhaust Utility Set, Expansion Vessels , Fan, Gas, Heating, Coils Line Clean Out, Microturbines
  • Generators, Batteries, Junction Boxes , Switch Boards , Bus Bar Containment CRAC Units
Public Health
  • Sump Pumps Tanks
  • Compressors

  • Model Organisation, CAD Standards & Best Practises
  • Usage of Families/ Libraries/ Objects into real-time project.
  • Editing Parametric Families/ Objects
  • Discussion, Revision

Who Should Attend

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems
  • Architectural, Structural and MEP Modellers

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